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The ALL IN Journal!
30 years of wrestling packaged into a tool you can use everyday to change your life for the better!
From: Levi Jones
Boise, Idaho

To: All IN Wrestlers
All Around the World

Do you have a goal or a dream you want to accomplish?

Do you have great work ethic?

Would you like to get more results and win more?
You Can Get Organized and Change your life easy!
The Wrestlers Journal can literally transform your actions, habits, and ultimately help you win on and off the mat. It could help you win tournaments, get good grades, eat healthy, identify your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

This works when you are committed to doing something new to help yourself!
  • Wrestlers Journal: Helps you Breakdown Big Goals in wrestling and life!
  •  Wrestlers Journal: Identify major obstacles and or areas of improvement!
  •  Wrestlers Journal: Helps apply action to each day!
As Jordan Burroughs said:

" To get better you have to step out of your comfort zone. You can't do the same things you've always done & improve."
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Monthly Milestones
Weekly Tracking
Daily Journaling
Tom Ryan has spent years putting together one of the best teams to ever take the mat at the College level, but whats unique is much of his team is also taking it to the olympic level at the same time.

His program is the home to the # 1 wrestler in the world Kyle Snyder and kyle is still in college!

If their is one thing these guys have never taken their eyes off of its their goals and their daily pursuit of improvement all while using the power of journaling.

Head Coach Tom Ryan
Ohio State Wrestling

Coyte Cooper
NCAA All American University of Indiana Motivational Speaker
"I wish I had this tool when I was competing, I could only imagine the success I would of had with a tool like this."
Riley Orozco
Division One Wrestling Coach
"Wrestlers by nature aren't afraid of work and are highly motivated by our goals. Upon reflection of my career, I can say that I always had goals and I always worked hard. I have to imagine though, had I had a system like the All-IN journal, I might have accomplished more work by working smarter; becoming more efficient with my time. Goals might have been easier to accomplishment with the system of breaking them down into daily bites and tracking daily progress in my pursuit. I like the All-IN Journal because has enough complicity to incorporate everything needed to be successful, yet it is simple enough that it doesn't become a burden to use."
4 x NCAA
"This product is a like a secret weapon for wrestlers of all levels. The Wrestlers Journal is outlined perfectly for a wrestler. This Journal will help mold great young men on and off the mat.

Dan Russel
"In all my years wrestling I have never made a product that impacted people so much!" - Levi Jones -
"Life Changing" 
Scott Jones spent most of his life in the sport of wrestling and still continues to make genuine life changing impacts to hundreds of lives around him each week. 

"This is an amazing tool to actually make a big impact on a national or even world level, this is the gift that keeps on giving"
Grant Newkom
High School Wrestler
"Our team uses this journal every single day and since we started using it our productivity has absolutely skyrocketed. This journal has helped me more than I could have ever imagined"
Christopher Martino
Cadet Level Wrestler
Pan American Champion
I could not imagine a better tool to help me chase my big goals and dreams but more importantly set me up for the real world. I love how this journal helps me focus on what exactly I need to work on.
As You Can See...
The Wrestlers Journal has helped countless people on and off the mat 
at all levels of the sport...
The real question is, Are You Next?
I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and transactional charges for $12.95 so I can afford the packing and shipping costs anywhere in the world!

In case your wondering...
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"Except after you decide you love it, you must tell everyone you know...!"
I'm on a mission to impact 100,000 lives through the sport of wrestling and I finally found a way to do that. I seriously hope it makes a direct impact and changes your life.

In case your asking why I'm doing this...
  •  Because wrestling gave to me, and I want to give back in a big way!
  •  I use this in my everyday life and I help others use it so why shouldn't all wrestlers have it?
  •  If you like this journal, you will have something I created. After that you will want more awesome stuff from ALL IN!
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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you love this book!
Levi Jones

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